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Mayflower Global Enterprise is a Transnational Business Entity with Headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia. USA. We welcome stakeholders investment in our organization for capital purposes with reasonable dividends. Our reinvestments are in the emerging economies. Developing economies continue to claim the largest share of international investments made by businesses in 2013 and are likely to do so again in 2014 and beyond. With the promising political certainty in Africa, the investments opportunities are limitless.

The growing share of developing economies in flows of foreign direct investment reflects their faster growth rates in the years following the financial crisis. But the distribution of global economic growth appears to be shifting back towards developed economies, making them more attractive to foreign investors. There are signs that foreign investors are becoming increasingly confident about the political and economic challenges facing several large developing economies such as Nigeria, South Africa Ghana etc.

In 2013, businesses and Individuals increased their investments overseas by 11% to $1.5 trillion.
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International Professional & Academic Programs
Mayflower Global Enterprise is a Transnational Business Entity with Headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia. USA. We assist to facilitate intercultural and educational programs in the United States. Our office assist in processing applications and accommodations for International students and professionals seeking educational and professional developmental programs in the United States.

Living and or studying abroad is not only an adventure, it has become increasingly important for success in a global society. International study is an excellent way for professionals and students to gain broader global perspectives to solving community challenges at home.

The rewards of international study are not just practical they are also personal. Studying abroad exposes professionals and students to fresh ideas and different cultures. It avails them to confront new and challenging situations, and to try out their decision-making skills. International exposure increases maturity, confidence, independence, and acquisition of critical skills. We at Mayflower Global Enterprise are ready and willing to facilitate the process.
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